BioComp Knowledge Hub FAQ

Who may participate? Everyone is welcome!

Why is this better than searching with Google? The Knowledge Hub collects answers from computational biology experts on campus. It makes the valuable "hidden knowledge" of our bioinformaticians, data analysts, statisticians specific to the VBC directly accessible to all of us. You can discuss your problems with our experts first on this forum and then you can contact them directly for more information. Voting on the answers provides a quality control you cannot get from Internet search engines.

How can I register? If you are a member of IMP,IMBA or CSF then you can just log in with your user account name and password. Otherwise (for GMI, MFPL employees or people from outside the VBC): please register with your WORK e-mail address. You will get a confirmation e-mail. Please avoid "funny" usernames and do not use private e-mails like Gmail and such.

How can I search the Knowledge Hub? There is a search field in the upper right corner of each page. You can also browse the Hub by clicking the "Questions" link or by clicking on one of the categories on the right hand side of the page. If you wish to share your expertise, check out the "Unanswered" link.

How can I ask a question? By clicking on the "Ask A Question" link. This brings you to a new page where you can type in a short summary of your question and then a detailed description. You must select a category from the "Category" dropdown. Optionally you can also provide tags, i.e. a list of keywords relevant to the question. Then click on the blue "Ask the question" button on the bottom of the page.

Which questions are "in scope"? Anything that falls into the categories "Scientific Computing", "High-performance computing", "Bioinformatics", "Statistics", "Training".

Which questions are "out of scope"? Currently we would like to focus on sharing computational science knowledge available on the campus. The Hub is not a general "message board": Please do not post requests for restriction enzymes, "my friend is looking for a flat" etc.

How can I answer a question? Click on the green "Answer" link under the question. Please make sure your answer is informative and detailed. If there are other answers already then yours should contain some extra "added value". Please provide weblinks where appropriate. If you just wish to make small improvements, then add a comment instead.

How to vote? By clicking the upward/downward-pointing arrows left to the score of the question or answer. You have to have "Expert" status or lots of points to be able to downvote.

How to select the "best answer" to my question? By clicking on the big check mark left to the answer.

What does this cost? Exactly nothing! This is a free service from BioComp because we think that sharing computational biology knowledge on the VBC and beyond is so important that it should not be monetized. We even plan to introduce a reward system for people who collect lots of points. The rewards will be largely symbolic though :-)

How can I help? By checking the questions regularly and providing your expert answers.

Where can I suggest improvements? There is a "Meta" category in the system for discussing such issues. Strongly upvoted recommendations will be implemented ASAP.